Monday, March 22, 2010

Tie your shoes properly

How many times has this happened to you?
You're walking down the sidewalk, and all of a sudden you feel your shoe getting all loose. You look down to discover that your bow has come undone!
And if you kneel down to tie it back up you know it will just come undone again, so you tie a double-knot with the "rabbit ears," and that ends up securing the whole thing.
But then when the time comes that you have to take off your shoes, you have that double-knot in the way, and it's really annoying to untie that and then pull on the two strings (especially since that whole mess can be easily avoided).

One day I happened upon (actually Stumbled Upon) Ian Fieggen's shoelace site. It's a magical land where you can add some pazazz (wow I can't believe I just said pazazz) to the way you lace your shoes. While I don't have much a need for special ways to lace my shoes (see the photo above, it's impossible to lace this shoe in any other way) I much appreciated the insight I found regarding shoelace tying.

The knot you see in the photo is called "Ian's Secure Knot," or the "Double Slip Knot" (Yes, that's my foot sporting this very knot in the spring grass).
This knot will withstand a battle with ninjas (At least after they've killed you, you shoes will still be on). It does not come loose for ANYTHING (except to be gently pulled by its strings....obviously). What I'm getting at is that the knot has a ton of friction within itself. Much more than the standard knot we teach young children.
Just think, most of us are using the same technique we learned when we were 4 or 5.

So please, click the link.....And try this ridiculous knot. It will save you hours of frustration (tallied up at the end of your life).