Friday, January 28, 2011

Spyderco. Sharply Whimsical

When I was about six, my dad bought me an appropriate thing to buy any six-year-old: a sharp Spyderco Ladybug pocket knife. Spyderco is the knife that has the characteristic "Thumb hole." This feature makes opening a snap–literally. The people at Spyderco are nonstop innovators of design and utility. (I remember not being allowed to carry it until I was older).

Since my first mini-knife 19 years ago, I've bought three Spyderco knives for myself. My latest is the Native, and it just arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago. It's an amazing piece.

In addition to it being apparently designed for my own hand, the blade lists all pertinent information. One side displays the blade material; the other lists the place of manufacture.
Earth. What a bold flight of whimsy indeed. Clearly, I chose to stick with the right knife people.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kill Bill: A Pro-life story

If you are pro-life, you're against abortion–and I'd venture to say euthanasia too.
If you were pro-life, would you massacre a crowd of people to save a fetus? The Bride in Kill Bill vols. 1 & 2 did (more or less*).

Sure, both the films have a tremendous amount of violence and killing. Uma Thurman's character, The Bride, described herself as the "deadliest woman in the world." She was an assassin. The second she found out she was pregnant, she decided to give up assassination, and raise her child in a safe environment.

It sure doesn't seem like a pro-life film–what with all the killing. But, it is. Defenseless lives in utero must be protected. Everybody else killed knew what they had signed up for. That is the message The Bride conveys.

Coming Soon: How The Bride is the epitome of motherhood

*actually, she didn't know she was defending her baby. She was getting revenge upon all those involved with killing her entire wedding party at the rehearsal, shooting her in the head, putting her in comatose (while pregnant), killing her baby (who was actually safe, and came to full-term [she didn't know she had given birth in comatose]). It was her pro-life decision that she was defending.