Friday, September 7, 2012

Tough Mudder Tomorrow

I signed up 7 months ago. The Tough Mudder Wisconsin starts tomorrow. I'm crazyI'm sure of it. Just a few years ago I could barely finish a lap. And now look at me. I've run myself to insanity.

Those are my shoes. Under Armour calls their color Midnight Blue. I'd sooner call it Blue Bubblegum Snow-cone. But the color doesn't matterno matter how ridiculous it is, because they feel fantastic. They will look much better covered in mud.

I've only cared about my own fitness for these past 5 years. Now it's time for this great physical test called Tough Mudder, this test of mental grit, to see how well my training has paid off.

The weather forecast is 69 F with a chance of storms. [happy face]

This will be fun.