Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Can a molecule in citrus essential oils shrink fat cells? Yes, because science!

Here is a big reason to love Citrus essential oils. D-Limonene, a constituent of citrus oils, has been found to SHRINK FAT CELLS, reduce triglycerides, reduce fasting blood glucose, and is a potential dietary supplement for preventing metabolic disorders.

How do we use citrus oils? One easy way is to add some to water that we drink throughout the day (approx. 1-3 drops per 24 oz). Now we have delicious citrus water. Be safe, and only use essential oils that are dietary supplements. I choose doTERRA, because of their sourcing and purity.

Lemon, Lime, Wild Orange, and Grapefruit are all very reasonably priced. No excuses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Here Comes Thanksgiving

This holiday marks the beginning of the season of poor food choices and weight gain—for some of us. For others this is an opportunity to start the winter season healthfully. Some of the major contributors to weight gain are stress, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, overeating, and also STRESS! We love to overload ourselves with responsibilities and obligations, and unfortunately the upcoming holidays are something we survive instead of enjoy. The opportunity here is to decide our events and food choices, and mindfully celebrate with the ones we love. You CAN win this Thanksgiving and winter season without packing on the weight.

Stress can be responsible for weight-gain. When we are stressed, we tend to go hungry for too long, grab the first thing in sight, and overeat. Planning ahead is an excellent way to manage your eating. Sources of stress can be time-constraints, event coordination, and (of course) getting together with family. Have a dedicated time at least three days per week for moderate-intensity physical activity to blow off steam, and take a little self-time. Being that Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to enjoying great food, strive for quality over quantity, and do not feel the pressure to serve (or eat) everything under the sun.

It might be easier to just buy that pumpkin pie (labeled with a paragraph of ingredients, half of which can’t even be pronounced). It is certainly easier to open a can of cranberry sauce (likely to be loaded with corn syrup). Another option (a very satisfying option) would be to select local, nutritious ingredients; and prepare your Thanksgiving dishes from trusted recipes.

Many who are serious about their wellness and fitness eat foods chiefly to facilitate their workouts and their health. Remember: food is fuel; building material; and, according to Hippocrates, even medicine. Choose carefully what you put on your plate, and ask yourself if it will help you achieve your health goals. If there is that must-have food that without which it would not be Thanksgiving, then announce your limited portion to everyone in order to hold yourself accountable to moderation.

you are unsure about what foods will assist you in your goals, or if you would like to work out (blow off steam) more effectively, give me a call or an email to set up some one-on-one fitness training. You can always purchase the gift of personal training for someone you care about (A couple’s option for New Years is a great choice too). Start this winter season off well by winning at Thanksgiving.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Share Facts, and Be Taken Seriously

Why in the ever-living fuck do people not know how to do ACTUAL secondary research? You can't just cite a name and date next to a "fact" that suits youa "fact" that you read on another site where you found that bogus citation (Especially if those limp-wristed pricks didn't provide a proper way to that primary research).

Do your homework, and give us a link to the motherfucking article, you bunch of lazy assholes--or a full citation at the bottom. Do you really support the propagation of misinformation? Do you want people to take you fucking seriously?

Let me clue you in. If you can't find the article that supposedly supports your fact, keep looking for that shit, and don't tell the internet what you're up to until you find, read, and understand that fucker.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Truth About Vanity

You may call me vain. That’s fine.
I call you a hypocrite.
For we all want to be perceived a certain way.
And We all want to perceive ourselves a certain way.
We are all vain.