Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Share Facts, and Be Taken Seriously

Why in the ever-living fuck do people not know how to do ACTUAL secondary research? You can't just cite a name and date next to a "fact" that suits youa "fact" that you read on another site where you found that bogus citation (Especially if those limp-wristed pricks didn't provide a proper way to that primary research).

Do your homework, and give us a link to the motherfucking article, you bunch of lazy assholes--or a full citation at the bottom. Do you really support the propagation of misinformation? Do you want people to take you fucking seriously?

Let me clue you in. If you can't find the article that supposedly supports your fact, keep looking for that shit, and don't tell the internet what you're up to until you find, read, and understand that fucker.